Paul Neberra BloPop: Featured Artist: Volume One

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Excerpt from BloPop Magazine’s Volume One:

Paul Neberra is an artist from Lisbon, Portugal. His pop surrealist paintings give hint to his influences with inspiration ranging from surrealist painters such as Dali and Magritte to writers like Kafka and Dostoevsky – not to mention contemporary pop culture icons like Star Trek and The Twilight Zone. The world he weaves can be deemed as charming with a touch of melancholy. Smaller details within his pieces paint a picture of emotional complexity. In the past, Paul’s subjects had more childlike sensibilities. Most recently, his subjects have transitioned into people connected to his life such as his uncle who is the central figure in his painting “Ride Your Dreams”.

Paul has recently exhibited at the Lollipop Gallery in London, England, Left Hand Black Tattoo in San Diego, California, and has exhibited in a solo show at the Montana Shop and Gallery in his hometown of Lisbon, Portugal. In addition to working as a painter, Paul collaborated with Galeria Funarte in Lisbon, Portugal to bring an array of pop surrealist and low brow art from around the world to Lisbon. The show was titled “Low To Pop” and debuted in October of 2014. The successful exhibition ran for three full months ending in December.


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