El Gato Chimney BloPop: Featured Artist: Volume One

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Excerpt from BloPop Magazine’s Volume One:

El Gato Chimney
 is an artist from the great city of Milan in Italy. His early works were mostly as a successful street artist and he later transitioned to studio work as a painter. His works exhibit beautiful colorful landscapes where his subjects take the form of whimsical tribal characters and animals. His surrealistic world blends elements from alchemy, magic, occultism, folklore, ancient spirituality and mysticism. El Gato Chimney’s vision of his world is full of rituals that often touch on life and death – two concepts that bond us as humans in the most primitive manner. His sensibility to details has lead to the development of thoughtfully crafted iconography and symbols representing various imaginative interpretations based on our modern world.

El Gato Chimney has exhibited in various galleries in the world including solo shows at Combustion Espontanea Art Gallery in Madrid, Spain and Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea in Milan, Italy and has participated in various group exhibitions through out the globe. El Gato Chimney is currently represented by the New York based gallery, Stephen Romano, located in the United States.

Images Courtesy of:
Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea, Milano
Stephen Romano Gallery, NYC

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