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Selena Leardini

29Jan 2016

Selena Leardini was born and raised in the city of Trento, Italy. Selena attended the School of Art

Martin Hsu

18Nov 2015

Martin Hsu was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. He later moved to California where he received a

Randy Hage

06Oct 2015

Randy Hage is an artist who works to sculpt miniscule versions of established storefronts from years passed. Randy’s

Poppy Lawman

28Sep 2015

Leila Ataya

01Aug 2015

Leila Ataya is a Russian born artist who later migrated with her family to New Zealand. She graduated

Andrew Brandou

28Jul 2015

Andrew Brandou was raised in Michigan and later relocated to Los Angeles, California. He attended Otis Art Institute

David Chung

26May 2015

David Chung is an artist who spent most of his childhood in Hong Kong and Taiwan and later

Kisung Koh

18May 2015

Kisung Koh was born and raised in South Korea and later moved to Toronto, Canada. Kisung’s work is

Flower Pepper Gallery

22Apr 2015

ABOUT THE FLOWER PEPPER GALLERY: Flower Pepper Gallery is located at Old Pasadena. As the newest art gallery, we

Jaclyn Alderete

21Apr 2015

Jaclyn has exhibited in various galleries such as Abend Gallery in Denver, Colorado and the quaint and noteworthy