Marcel Lisboa São Paulo, Brazil

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Marcel Lisboa
is a collage artist from São Paulo, Brazil. Marcel constructs surrealistic worlds influenced by the Renaissance and the Baroque period marrying them under a color palette of soft pastels. Often, Marcel’s work merges imagery of animals with Shakespearean and Colonial subjects immersed in floral scenes intermixed with symbolic and iconic cultural references. The construction of each piece is thoughtful and carefully placed giving the concept behind the work deeper meaning. When asked about how he got his start in collaging pieces of art and his process, Marcel had this to say:

When writing about collage artists, I find often that the artist has a background in graphic design. You have worked with countless agencies as a graphic designer. How much of your work would your contribute to the influence of graphic design verses pop artists such as Richard Hamilton which you have named as influential in your work? I was not happy with just doing solely graphic design work. I think it was holding me back. I was looking for something deeper but with pop essence. In my research I discovered the works of Richard Hamilton and Winston Smith among other pop artists. At that moment I saw working in a collage medium would be the best way to express myself. Graphic design has influenced my collage pieces but in a technical manner. I think I am more intuitive in my art works. 

Since collage work often uses imagery that has been printed before hand, I have to wonder how much of your work comes from pre-planning and how much is based on an organic approach? Can you give us some insight into your process? Each person has a process to make his or her own artwork. I do not plan anything. When I work with agencies, it all starts with a blank paper and the client briefing. I work similarly with my personal work. I just cut and paste.

I have always been fond of collage work. You have said that your work touches on narratives of “Western imperialism” to an “imagined pre-colonial innocence.” I really find these narratives incredibly interesting and how these are constructed into your pieces. Can you go more in-depth on these narratives? I believe that the western culture we live in does not promote freethinking. I feel that we have to follow some “invisible” rules given by our culture and if one does not follow all of these rules you are considered an outsider and you are not considered worth much. It is kind of a dictatorial lifestyle. I try to give innocence and spiritual meaning to old classic imagery (I’m not religious at all, by the way). I feel that we human beings are the only animals (and we forgot that we are animals too) that do not live in harmony with the world. I believe it is simple. In my work, I ask what if our western world pushed this simple perspective. I feel that each person will see a different meaning in my artwork based off their life experience.

Marcel has exhibited in various galleries including Curious Duke in Barcelona, Spain, International Meeting of Design in Mar Del Plata, Argentina, and Urban Arts in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Marcel continues to work with various editorial agencies in Brazil such as Abril and Confianca. If you would like to view more of Marcel’s work, visit his art page on Behance or you may contact him at

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