Andreas Lietzow Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Andreas Lietzow
is an artist based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He is an artist manifesting organic organisms in fantastical landscapes in 3D. Mixing elements like octopus tentacles and jellyfish-inspired bodies lit softly to showcase their bulbous and unique curvatures, Andreas has created intricate and delicate characters that look as if they truly exist on our human plane of existence. When asked about how his characters came about, Andreas had this to say:

I see a lot of influences from deep ocean life in your 3D pieces. I would even go as far as to say that your characters exist in some deep aquatic place beneath some world. How did these wonderful creatures come about? Since I was a child I’m highly interested in astrobiology, the study of life in the universe. It became an obsession to think about how life can be different under – for humans – unusual circumstances on far away or close by worlds. A helium atmosphere, low gravity enabling high jumps, or being surrounded by angora-unicorn-turtles are important factors in the evolutionary process.

When it comes to art I always wanted to see and create the, so far, unseen. And I think everybody might be interested in seeing a love story between a – kind of – elephant feet starfish and a triple headed creature with limbs humans have no name for.

I recently saw some work you did with your fellow collaborator Meike Duch. How long has the collaboration been going on and who does what in the collaborative pieces? Meike Duch and I are a couple since more than 19 years! Her and my collaboration went through a lot of successful projects. For example we achieved a couple of world records. And we created the Human Rights project Worlds Greatest Smile which is among others supported by 28 Nobel Prize Laureates. Working together in the “hairy icosahedrons” series is another wonderful experience and we are both working on all aspects of it. I love working together with her! We complement one another very well – she is a brilliant artist and the happy-component in my life.

I am really excited to see how your work shifted from “the temptation of life” series to the “hairy icosahedrons” series. What will your next series be? We will definitely continue the “hairy icosahedrons” series. They are always friendly and full of harmony and wisdom, so we enjoy having them around. They very fast became beloved friends!

Andreas Lietzow’s work is in collections in more than 80 countries and has been written about in Hi-Fructose’s website and has been interviewed by the Associated Press, the international news agency. If you would like to see more of Andreas work, visit his site or you may email him at

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  • Thomas Christmas • 4 years ago

    Meike and Andreas are fantastic and beautiful people. Andreas says that Meike and her are great collaborators, that is an under statement, when these two are together it looks that they are hooked up psycho-kinetically. I think their art form is wonderful and is a thought provoking experience.

  • Boje Arndt Kiesiel • 4 years ago