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All creative fields can inspire people, from creative professionals to the everyday art enthusiast – art has no boundaries. It is BloPop’s hope that one will appreciate and support the vision and craft from many of the artists listed within. These artists have been hand picked for their talent, drive, and constant growth within their given field. They inspire our imagination, they encourage us to push ourselves, and aspire us to want more from our own work. Take in the menagerie of visuals, techniques, and thought processes behind some of contemporary art’s most exciting and prolific talent. *Note: Due to BloPop’s limited staff, the editor has decided to make the submission process “invitation only.” An artist may still submit their artwork and their website url for evaluation. Regrettably we are unable to respond to all submissions. If BloPop decides to feature the artist’s work in the future, the editor will notify the artist. Thank you for your interest in BloPop Magazine. We appreciate your support.


09Jun 2016

Rubenimichi is a trio artist collective from Madrid, Spain. The collective is made of self-taught artists Ruben, Luisjo,

Jim McKenzie

26May 2016

Jim McKenzie is a Brooklyn born artist who studied visual effects and motion graphics at the prestigious School of

Julianna Menna

06May 2016

Julianna Menna is a Russian artist residing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Julianna attended the Russian State Academy of Art

Hanna Jaeun

01Mar 2016

Hanna Jaeun is an artist based in of Brooklyn, New York. She earned a BFA in apparel design

Selena Leardini

29Jan 2016

Selena Leardini was born and raised in the city of Trento, Italy. Selena attended the School of Art

Lioba Brückner

10Jan 2016

What I find absolutely exciting about pop surrealism is that everything that's new in the theaters, on the

Jel Ena

06Dec 2015

You attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Serbia. The art school is well known for its

Julie Filipenko

03Dec 2015

Julie Filipenko is an artist residing in Tel Aviv, Israel. Julie earned a BFA from Bezalel Academy of

Marcel Lisboa

24Nov 2015

Marcel Lisboa is a collage artist from São Paulo, Brazil. Marcel constructs surrealistic worlds influenced by the Renaissance

Martin Hsu

18Nov 2015

Martin Hsu was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. He later moved to California where he received a